Grandmother Power


The role my grandma plays in my life is a lot more than just being my grandma. She is my inspiration, mentor, and role model. I got to learn so much about her through our interview. I was able to get a different perspective and better understanding of her. I wanted to compare my essay with someone who had the same role model in their life as I do. Alivias essay was perfect to compare to because not only is her role model her grandma as well, but our grandmas went through similar life experiences. Alivia and I are also friends, so it was interesting to see similarities between us. We were able to find many similarities in our grandmas personalities and how they live. I knew my grandma was very strong minded so I wanted to see if Alivias grandma was too and if so, in what way. To get into more depth, I also decided to compare Alivia and I to see how our grandmas affect our lives individually. Doing this allowed me to understand how much of a huge part our grandmas play in our lives whether we realized it before.

After reading Alivias paper about her grandma, I am able to say that strong minded would be an understatement in describing our grandmothers. Strong minded in the best way possible, they are not bossy, they just have the right outlook on what they want. From Alivias grandma changing her families traditional Christmas ways, to my grandma moving from India to Hawaii and starting up her own bikini store; I can easily say our grandmothers are powerful women. Alivias grandma grew up a lot like my grandma in the sense that they both had big families, strong family values, and traditions. Alivias grandmas family always celebrated Christmas the same way, with the typical giving of presents to family members. Her grandma had enough one year, and realized her families celebration of Christmas was too caught up in the selfish idea of receiving presents. Although she was young, she knew there was more to Christmas than that. It was from then on, her grandma sat out from her families Christmas celebration every year. Not because she was being a brat, but because that is just not what she stood for, therefor wanted to have no part in it. Once she started her own family, they went to feed the homeless home cooked meals on Christmas instead. Her grandma showed her character and how much of a giving person she is. Hearing this reminded me about my grandmas giving of her cooking. She will make breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner for me whenever I want if I ask, sometimes even when I don’t ask. Not because I want her to, or because she feels the need too. Simply because she wants to. It’s an act of kindness that fills her heart with happiness. She loves to know that I am eating her hard labored home cooked meals.

The other week she went to the hospital for knee surgery. She recovered for a few days at the hospital, until she was released to go home. I went to visit her thinking she would be in bed and in pain. Not my grandma though, she was in the kitchen making me a five course meal. It was at that point I had to take a step back and reevaluate life. I could not believe what I was seeing and how honored I felt. She is old, and just had knee surgery but that did not hold her back. I heard no complaints from her. The only one being, “Ria, you haven’t said how the food tastes yet.” Only because I was still in shock that I had a five course home cooked meal sitting in front of me. These genuine acts of kindness are very inspiring, and motivate me to be a better person as well.

The story of Alivias grandma changing Christmas reminded me a lot of my grandma in the sense that her grandma did not care what others thought, although her family was very upset with her for sitting out of Christmas every year. It took a lot to stick to that, and then to later change the way of celebrating Christmas for her family and the generations to follow. This says a lot about how she is as a person. I could imagine how hard it must have been for her to try to stand up for what she believed in, with no one else supporting her and actually going against her. That is a tough and unhealthy environment to grow up in. My grandma too had very strong mind upon arriving in Hawaii straight from India. She had never been to the United States before, and didn’t even speak english. It took her a while to adapt to her new lifestyle. When she got her, she knew what she wanted to do, and that was to open a bikini shop here. Many people laughed at her and didn’t took her seriously.  They didn’t think she would be able to run her own store. She believed in herself and that was all that mattered at the point. It was the drive within her that lead her to still have the most successful business in Koko Marina. She is one of the most amazing business women I know. When a customer comes in for a suit, she knows exactly which suit to pull out for them. The willpower our grandmas have make them unstoppable, and are the reasons why they are successful in everything they put their mind to. Most other people wouldn’t have done what they did when people told them not to.

After talking to Alivia, we both agreed on similar things. First off, we are both proud that our grandmothers always stand for what they believe in and really applaud them for that. They are such great remodels for us, especially because they are both women, and so close to us. They’ve taught us that we can do anything we want to and to never take no for an answer. Both Alivia and I would like to follow that mindset more and not let others opinions affect us. Once you can eliminate the opinions of others, you are unstoppable. Alivia is so glad that her grandma decided to make the change to be more giving on Christmas. She doesn’t think she would be the same person if her grandma carried on her families traditions. She feels she wouldn’t be as accepting to other cultures and traditions as she is now. She also feel that she would have been a lot more judgmental which I can agree with. It’s taught her a lot about putting others before herself and set a strong foundation for her values. Feeding the homeless on Christmas has made her appreciate life more and made her very grateful for the life she has. She would like to continue these traditions of Christmas throughout her life. I feel the same about how I am as a person because of my grandma. She instilled values that I have grown up with which has played a huge part of who I am as a person. I would not be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for my grandma. From my grandma always wanting to cook for me, I am able to see the importance of caring and giving. Giving means nothing unless you mean it and are passionate about it, which my grandma is and I can see it.

I really enjoyed learning about Alivias grandma and being able to compare her to my grandma. I have a lot of respect for both of them and am glad that Alivia and I have them both in our lives. Comparing both of our essays and talking to Alivia allowed me to go into the depths of our papers and pull out hidden points that may not have been so relevant just by reading it the first time. Being able to analyze helped me gain new thoughts and organize my opinions. I am glad that Alivia and I both realize how amazing our grandmas are for what they have done and hope to be as powerful as they are. I feel I have a better understanding of my grandma after reading about Alivias grandma. Even though they come from opposite ends of the world and have a different culture, they still have similar values. This truly amazed me because it just goes to show that good comes from the individual person, not all the extra fluff that the person is.

Levie, Alivia. “English Essay 2.” Personal interview. 1 Oct. 2016.