Essay 3 Draft: Living True Aloha in a World Full of Hate

Aloha, a five letter word with so many meanings. It’s Hawaii’s word for all positive being such as love, thank you, see you later, caring, and hello. A word that Hawaii tries to live by. In this article, the author shows how the word aloha is used in an attempt to make a negative event, positive. Recently,  at the legislature, a board was trying to convince people that granting SB 1 which is  same sex marriage, goes against the aloha values of the island. The author does not agree on this position, so she talks about the wrong evidence that this board is providing, and replaces it with what she claims to be real evidence. Once residents found out about this contradiction, “The aloha” social media movement was born. The authors explains how impactful the community was about this issue and their persistence to make all right. The movement through social media was very effective in getting the publics attention.

The author stands strong in the fact that weather some may like the hard facts, it’s true so that is all that matters. She feels the discrepancy comes from cultural values being misappropriated. “It is a beautiful, sophisticated, loving culture that creates social practices of acceptance, rather than condemnation.” Hoomanawanui.

Hawaii is probably the most diverse state in America, we are a melting pot of cultures. Because of that, I would say that the citizens are overall fairly accepting. It is important that we are accepting of individuals. Male, female, gay, straight, we are all human in the end. If straight people can get married, and live the life that they want to, then gay people should be able to do the same. The author explains that aloha aina allows the freedom of people being able to live on their land in the way that they choose. This is important for everyone to remember when looking back on research coming from the roots of Hawaii.

24 percent of Hawaii is white, 41 percent is asian, 2 percent is black, and 10 percent is Hawaiian or a Pacific Islander (Info Please). These are the races that make up most of Hawaii. These races have a vast amount of different ethnicities  within them. These large mixture of different cultures on one small island shows how diverse we are. We don’t have very much crime, which I believe stems from us being  so culturally diverse and accepting. If we can be this

Accepting of different  cultures, we should be able to be accepting of how people choose to live their lives.

Just like the wide variety of ethnicities Hawaii is home to, we also support a number of religious groups. 18 percent is catholic, 5 percent LDS, 2 percent Baptist, 4 percent Pentecostal, 4 percent other Christian, and 5 percent Eastern (Best Places). Religion may have a lot to do with the discrepancy of having some sex marriage. If it is against peoples religion, they won’t be supportive in the act of allowing same sex marriage.

Ethnicity and Religion are two of the biggest factors that make up a state. They also go hand in hand with the type of residents we have in Hawaii. Finding the balance between ethnic groups and their religions to agree upon same sex marriage would help solve the discrepancy. People need to come together to realize that in look, we are all so different in Hawaii but we are making it work. So we should be able to do the same whether gay or straight.

I “Diving Bodies Part 3” Ku’ualoha talks about how once we are accepting of same sex marriage, a lot of our problems will be solved. It shouldn’t affect others that aren’t involved, it should only help those involved. Our state will come together and be one if we allow same sex marriage. The correct  research from Hawaii’s past needs to be brought up because it shows that we have always been accepting. The word aloha itself is accepting and is what the people of Hawaii live by. She is very good at being articulate in her point and is very passionate about what she stands for.


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